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Online Accredited Colleges

Many people ask every day about Online college degree programs and whether they measure up to traditional college programs and the answer is “yes, they can”. These programs that can be found on Education web sites are also known as distance learning and they contain all of the exact same coursework that leads to receiving an online degree. And, students who choose Online college degree programs must dedicate the same amount of time and energy and be as dedicated to achieving their degree as a student at a traditional college. The only difference is in the way that the course is delivered.

Education web sites have become truly high-tech and numerous Online college degree programs utilize online chat rooms and web cams that offer their students the opportunity of interacting with their fellow students and participating in lectures given by the course instructors. Often groups of students will be required to be involved in a group project that will contribute to their course grade, giving them further opportunities to interact with other students and get a complete college experience.

The question of whether to choose a small or a large online college is usually on students’ minds, as well, and there are pros and cons involved with either one. Students may receive increased personalized attention with a smaller online university, but on the other hand, a larger one probably has a higher budget and therefore could provide better service 24/7 and be much more high-tech. It is a fact, however, that in this day and age, many Online college degree programs of all sizes have all of those capabilities and then some.

Another facet of Online college degree programs that many prospective students ask about would be schools with an actual campus. Some online universities are completely online, while others do have a physical brick and mortar campus. That doesn’t mean that online students have to attend any classes on the campus, but some students do like to know that there is a campus for the purpose of graduations, group projects and student support. There are some Online college degree programs that are connected to recognized residential institutions or well-known research universities and are therefore extensions of those colleges. And, some Online college degree programs even have numerous satellite campuses over a variety of communities in several states.

One of the best features of Online college degree programs is available start dates. One or two times per year is the norm for traditional schools whereas online universities generally have start dates for new students every two to four weeks and also offer flexible scheduling for each semester. For more in-depth information regarding actual start dates for various Online college degree programs offered, prospective students can see the individual descriptions of each online college course on the Education web site.

Open enrollment or not is another question raised by students and, while many Online college degree programs do offer open enrollment, some programs may adhere to the exact enrollment prerequisites as traditional institutions do. Many utilize the uniform standards of admission, as well as offering the same curriculum.

And, when it comes to degrees, many of the Online college degree programs don’t differentiate between whether a student took an online college course or one on an actual campus. This is because they are essentially the same courses, so a degree that is received is the same as from a major brick and mortar university.

Genuine Online college degree programs will be accredited by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education. To see if a program is accredited, the CHEA database can be consulted. All accredited schools must stick to specific standards of education or suffer probation or complete loss of accreditation.

There are almost 200 Accredited Online college degree programs in the network on the Education web site, providing a valuable resource for any student that prefers to attend a university online rather than having to travel to a campus to get a degree. Over the past few years, online colleges have been transformed through exponential growth and have developed into the viable alternatives to a traditional university that they are today.

Numerous Accredited Online college degree programs are working to develop new groundbreaking platforms for a wide range of students. In addition, a number of major universities are pioneering new online extension programs. What this means to online students is that many major institutions of higher education will be offering online courses with the opportunity to receive professional certificates, online degrees, and continuing education courses. Many will also offer prior learning credits as well to students who qualify.

On the Education web site, students have the ability to view a succinct summary of available Online college degree programs and determine just what it is that they are looking for in an online university. By simply clicking on the name of the college, profiles will be immediately available, including size, accreditation and price, which in many cases will include a cost per credit figure for better up-front financial planning by students.

Every school in the network will be accredited either nationally or regionally, while some will also have additional specific program accreditation. This specialized accreditation can be a significant factor for career paths requiring a state license of board certification that are pursued by students. These could include psychologists, social workers, teachers and nurses.